Politique démos

We are looking for music that incorporates artificial intelligence, GANs, machine learning or data-driven synthesis in ways that are not yet represented here. We also ask for documentation of your process (a simple how-you-did-it guide) to understand your methods and contributions. (If you aren’t a great writer, or don’t speak English as a native language, let us know -- we will find a way!)

The best way to submit to us is through an email to eryk.salvaggio@gmail.com with the words LATENT SPACE as the subject in all caps. If you don’t use this as the subject, our response may be delayed. Please link to mp3 files and do not include them as attachments.

Please note that GAN music is typically distributed exclusively under a CC-BY-SA-NC license. This means that most music made with existing AI products will be distributed on a tips-only basis, ie, the albums will be distributed as free to use, but only if distributed with your name. It is not acceptable for others to sell your work either, and they can share it only under the same rules. *IF you have written the source code and trained a library on your own material, we can discuss other arrangements!*