Shelter Over Shelter

Album numérique / PAN 099

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  • 1. Birthing Owl
  • 2. Moving Time
  • 3. Pop Up
  • 4. Silly Dad
  • 5. Thor's Palace
  • 6. Birthing Haakens
  • 7. Destroy Vancouver
  • 8. Go to Sleep
  • 9. Goodnight Giggles
  • 10. Park Dreams

“Shelter Over Shelter” was recorded in snippets over the span of two years. Taking a cue from her earlier works, this collection by Prophecy Sun threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies of moments passed and draws from an interior landscape of dreams. The tracks were done live in one take, and traverse knee deep into memories such as labour, sleepless nights, performances, pregnancy, park life, and visions of future time. Ultimately, the improvised recordings offer a glimpse into the mutable life of an artist and embracing the unpredictability of new motherhood.

  • Disponible le: 2021-01-18

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