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  • 1. Sisela
  • 2. Constant Change
  • 3. Spinach
  • 4. Familiar Issues
  • 5. The Colour You Love

Entropic a été enregistré pendant une longue période de dysphorie, de dyspnée et d’anxiété. Ces émotions sont le canevas sur lequel la musique commence, évolue et se termine. C’est la trame sonore de journées marquant la clôture, l’apaisement et la foi. Elle indique la fin et le commencement. Elle est haïe et aimée tout à la fois. Il s’agit d’une musique émotive de la frontière des ténèbres.


Ces enregistrements sont basés sur l’utilisation de synthétiseurs analogiques semi-modulaires, d’un séquenceur analogique, d’enregistrements de sons naturels et d’échantillons de vinyles.

Toutes les pièces ont été écrites et réalisées par Savvas Metaxas. Masterisation par Yannis Tsirikoglou. Photo de couverture par Nikos Kostopoulos.

These recordings are based on the use of analog semi-modular synthesizers, analog sequencer, recordings of found sounds, and vinyl samples.

All tracks written and produced by Savvas Metaxas
Mastering by Yannis Tsirikoglou
Cover photo by Nikos Kostopoulos

“Savvas Metaxas is from Thessaloniki, Greece. He has also recorded under the name “Inverz” and you will find he is active in a number of other artistic endeavors if you dig around a bit. The description of this five-track release (released in August 2013) says “Entropic was recorded during a long period of dysphoria, dyspnea, and anxiety…It is emotional music from the brink of darkness.” So, I was a bit surprised when the first track “Sisela” started. It features some bright synth sound patterns and slowly evolves with some keyboard drone sounds. You might almost think you will be hearing electronic chill out music. But then as the rest of the pieces unfolded I wondered if maybe this first track was placed to reassure the listener that, despite what follows, everything will be OK. Each of the remaining tracks has a slightly different feel, but all are definitely darker in tone than the first. Third track “Spinach” has ominous thumps and rhythms that fade in and out along with some drone sounds, and what sounds like distorted found sounds. I think the final track “The Colour You Love” is my favorite. It combines electronic sounds that suggest a natural environment (the seashore with lapping waves and distant ships) which conflict with some drones and slight feedback that suggest machinery or mechanical sounds. The different aspects of these two veins overlap as they come to the fore then recede. It’s a really interesting combination. Panospria is a netlabel located in Canada. They share a website with the No Type netlabel, which has been around since 1998 (that’s like ancient times in internet years). The home page says “Music & non-music. It’s all good.” I love that slogan. There are a few other labels on the site, and if you poke around a bit you’ll find scores of artists and releases to enjoy.”
Albert E. Trapezoid

  • Disponible le: 2013-08-24

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