Prétendre être le vent

Album numérique / PAN 024

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  • 1. Prétendre être le vent

Bleak nordic soundscapes from Canada’s master of hypothermic drones.

“It comes out from nowhere to evolve slowly, providing many minimalist and microtonal pictures to be seamlessly followed up by each other throughout 27 minutes. It is a sort of slide show. Indeed, the Canadian Martin Sasseville from the province of Quebec maps out darker and barely audible areas, which are enriched by hazy imaginations in droning and resonating mode. His management of the issue is predominantly based on phase shift and phase difference and operating with pitch bending. At times the listener can be a witness to rhythms coming out of this manipulation. With regard to the set of 27 minutes this review of mine should be as minimal as Sasseville’s music, but I am not sure is it in this way accomplished or not. Maybe it is, and therefore you have to listen to this by yourself and pinpoint all the essential points of this magnificent release.”
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  • Disponible le: 2007-02-25

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