Cosmic Signals

Album numérique / PAN 021

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  • 1. Space Blimp of My Heart
  • 2. Cargo Bass
  • 3. Planet Nebula

Humanity receives hundreds of cosmic signals on a daily basis. Of these, certainly the most complex come from a place simply known as Planet Nebula. Chief among the nebular codebreakers here on Earth are the team of Heart & Soul. Their working methods combine the pioneering inter-planetary research of the eminent Dr. Blowfin, the study of subterranean, or underground, waveform activity, a careful monitoring of circle makers, as well as their previously established Solar Mist Approach. The H&S team are working towards a comprehensive decryption program for the nebular codes and a better understanding of what they can mean for us.

Planet Nebula was previously released by No Weapon in a limited edition run of white label vinyl DJ promos, with a far out remix by label boss Collis Browne on the flip side.

“This one is fantastic synthesizer bliss.”
Patrick, Bleepwatch

“Strange verschickter deephouse mit der konsistenz eines puddings mit cosmic bleeps topping auf dem Panospria netlabel. Wie (fast) immer ein signing aus dem eigenen umfeld dazu ziemlich experimentell. Dazu machen sich die jungs aus montreal herzlich wenig aus presseinfos und lassen einfach die musik fur sich sprechen. Sympathisch.”
Sebastian Redenz, De:Bug

“Sehr geistreicher psy-kram, definitiv horenswert, da steckt viel Herz und Energie dahinter.”
Tim Daniel, UpFuck Stuff

“Day 315: Cargo Bass by Heart & Soul from their release on Panospria, Cosmic Signals caught me immediately. Waves of sonic energy - you get lost in it and in the rest of the tracks when you start listening. I hope you enjoy this selection.”

  • Disponible le: 2006-08-04

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