Wood & Wires

Album numérique / BRICO 020

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  • 1. Spoonring
  • 2. Doigt de Digit
  • 3. Chitinous Surfaces
  • 4. Aluminum Fuzz
  • 5. Chimewand
  • 6. Jar of Ghosts
  • 7. Loeffelstreichen
  • 8. Stretchring
  • 9. Skje

Noisy fields and ambient plateaus are peppered with eerie twinkles and calculated dissonances to resonate with dark matter within James Schildlowsky’s Wood and Wires. Schidlowsky’s own label, Musik Aktiv, hosts the original version of this introspective and moody recording. BricoLodge co-Director, Jon Vaughn, edited and remastered this version of the album to highlight within the live sound manipulation and performance.


9 pieces recorded straight to disc using prepared guitar with spoon, wood, plastic, metal and bicycle parts by James Schidlowsky, March 2003 in Montréal, originall released as aktiv006, ltd to 20 copies, which included 6 bonus peices.

This version (re)mastered and edited by Jon Vaughn for BricoLodge, Jan. 2005

  • Disponible le: 2005-05-27

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