Vis de mechanique

Album numérique / PAN 003

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  • 1. Vis à taraudeuses
  • 2. Punaises nickel
  • 3. Vis à bois
  • 4. Écrous
  • 5. Petit clous
  • 6. Boulons hex
  • 7. Crochets à tasse
  • 8. Crochets S

One of the main players in jazz and electronic scenes across Canada, Nuthre’s latest offering treats us to a unique flavour of house music.


“This album scores for a special reason. I usually skip my way through music very quickly and usually find out very quickly whether I like something or not. With the abundance of music there is no other way. Somehow I know that this is not right, but what can you do if you can’t always take the time. You should take your time for this album. It sounds very simple and unspectacular when zapping through, but after it went through two or three times, it let me into a wonderfully composed mood world.”
Net-audio Favorites 2004, Phlow Magazine

“French House from Canada? No, because for the role models of the last release of the new Panospria label, you have to travel further back in time. Nuthre puts eight house tracks in the network. House is relatively rare in the net-audio scene; a plus point. The tracks are quite dreamy, and the new production technology can only be partially recognized in the background. The atmosphere is really good, but the beat programming is very old-fashioned. Lots of standard sounds and classic elements like backward samples etc. Well, c’est ça! Recommended for quiet hours after the club.”
Mariposa Magazine

  • Disponible le: 2004-02-15

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