About No Type

The year was 1998. Musicians were about to change the way to distribute music on the internet.

Remember. There was a time when listening to music on the internet was at best an excruciating ordeal where you needed to install a cornucopia of rebarbative tools & software (hello RealAudio!), not to mention be prepared to exert a great deal of patience (hello, 56 kpbs connection!).

And then came MP3…

No Type was among the first in the world to recognise the potential of this new format and to use it on a greater scale, not as a way to rip CDs, but as a creation tool. Along with other pioneering netlabels, No Type has published over a hundred of free albums in a digital format, at a time when such a concept was purely speculative. Later on, likeminded labels have joined our ranks: Sine Fiction, Panospria, BricoLodge And that’s only for starters.

In 2022, No Type is more than a netlabel. It is a community of labels and artists who chose to hang together in order to take back the means of music distribiution. At a time when a handful of corporations share nearly all of the web traffic, we need to reaffirm the importance of a free and independent web presence, outside of the big platforms.

Many albums available on No Type are free to stream and download. Many are available for purchase at a price which you consider fair. You choose. 85% of revenues will go back to the proper rightsholders.

Do you manage a netlabel and wish to publish with us? Send us an email.

No Type
David Turgeon, director