Digital album / NT 068

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[original liner notes]

camp socialiste is a modular & variable composition for 3 cd players, 1 mixer & 1 external sound source. it is meant to be performed in various ways, whether planned by the composer or not.

there are five pieces: piecemeal, plénière, land art, happening & transport.

artists were asked to provide sound material which they thought were filler or throwaway stuff.

submissions were received from the following folks:

  • 833-45
  • books on tape
  • le chien borgne
  • elasticlego
  • infoslut
  • tomas jirku
  • themoonstealingproject
  • james schidlowsky
  • kaia wong

in order to complete the selection, the following works were also used as sampling material & gratuitous cultural references:

  • horace andy, ‘money money’
  • simon-pierre beaudet, ‘talking blues à propos de la droite et autres pollutions mentales’
  • john cage, ‘bacchanale’ (performed by margaret leng-tang)
  • marilyn crispell, ‘labyrinths’

next, sounds were organised into loops using a generic sequencer software. those loops were burned to 3 different cd-rs which are the actual score of the piece.

to complete the composition, the performer must collect a field recording, as well as 198 short sounds from various cds which will be used as a random selection.

camp socialiste was first performed at the casa del popolo in 2001, during the ‘nonstop’ event organised by james schidlowsky.

later, aimé dontigny was asked to perform the piece in his own studio. as a result, he produced 2 different versions of each piece, plus a ‘bakounine variation’.

finally in 2002, camp socialiste is released to the internet as no type #068.

  • Date available: 2002-04-25



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