Chemin de fer

Album on compact disc / IMNT 0203

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  • 1. Triturations
  • 2. Petit jardin
  • 3. La corde
  • 4. Monsieur et madame Watt
  • 5. E
  • 6. L’entonnoir
  • 7. Jogging dans la maison hantée
  • 8. Ma tribu
  • 9. Pluie de homards

Chemin de fer is Magali Babin’s debut CD, though she is already well-known as one of the key players of improvised music and sound art in Montréal.

A prominent live artist, Magali has performed in Montréal (Casa del Popolo, Silophone, SuperMicMac…), Baltimore, New York, and Philadelphia,. She is a favorite of the respected Radio-Canada radioshow Le navire Night where her performances are regularly broadcast. Magali has played alongside Michel F Côté, Martin Tétreault, Alexandre St-Onge, Ian Nagoski (US), Jon Rose (UK), to name a few.

The 9 pieces on this CD were recorded in the studios of Radio-Canada with Mario Gauthier, executive producer and host of L’espace du son. Citing financial constraints, Radio-Canada cancelled the programme before the music could be heard on radio, but the recording was thankfully salvaged. It is now finally available on CD for everyone to hear.

  • Date available: 2002-04-25


Magali Babin

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