Shibuya Without End

Digital album / NT 036

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Shibuya Neverending (part 1)
  • 2. Shibuya Without End
  • 3. Shibuya Neverending (part 2)
  • 4. Osaka Commtech Five
  • 5. Shibuya Orchestrated

Oeuf Korreckt’s fourth No Type release presents four different variations on the “Shibuya” theme: more than a remix EP, these tracks are really meant to be listened to back to back as a continuous piece. Also included is Osaka Commtech Five, of which a different version appears on his later No Type CD, Podweek, not to mention an unbelievable “orchestral” version of Shibuya!

  • Date available: 2000-12-05

Oeuf Korreckt

No Type