Acid Vaudeville

Digital album / NT 033

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Inverted Forest
  • 2. A Better Mousetrap
  • 3. Chance Dance (stilted burlesque)
  • 4. Olio Act No. 1
  • 5. Lecturing the Skull
  • 6. Painted on the Drop (78rpm)
  • 7. Silo Circuit
  • 8. Henry’s Song (smashing Victrola)
  • 9. Hot Cakes and Sausage

This is Matrix Assimilation’s last & most accomplished release under this moniker (he was to be known solely as Infoslut afterwards.) A bold, bluffing & caustic take on the crunchy IDM genre, with samples culled from various 78rpm recordings.

  • Date available: 2000-11-17


Matrix Assimilation

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    The Matrix Assimilation
    Jazzcat Cabaret


    "Acid Vaudeville"

    Merry Musical Gaiety
    in 9 Tracks - One Round of Pleasure.

    Tonights Playbill:

    1. Inverted Forest

    2. A Better Mousetrap

    3. Chance Dance [Stilted Burlesque]

    4. Olio Act #1

    5. Lecturing The Skull

    6. Painted On The Drop [78RPM]

    7. Silo Circuit

    8. Henry's Song [Smashing Victrola]

    9. Hot Cakes and Sausage

    Notes on Tonights Programme:

    Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 include samples of actual 78RPM
    records and wax cylinders. Because of the age and
    technology of these recordings, some clicks, glitches and
    feedback may occur, and are a part of the design of the
    tracks themselves. Because of this, time itself becomes an
    effects processor: The Banjo at the end of "Silo Circuit"
    is untouched by computer effects and yet sounds as foreign
    as a Nord Lead Tone Generator. Using the newest form of data
    storage, mp3, and the oldest, the 78RPM/Tinfoil record and
    the wax cylinder, we create a bridge between two centuries
    not only of music, but of technology, and its effects on the
    act of creating music. For recording onto wax cylinders,
    musicians had to play as loud as possible or risk not being
    heard; now, a musician needs hardly know how to play an
    instrument [with arpeggiators, samplers, etc] and can be heard
    by the entire world with the click of a mousepad. However, even
    if these tracks appear absolutely modern, it is likely that
    in 2100, the music will appear as cliche and bizarre, as dated
    and archaic as the vaudeville recordings used to create them.
    It is an appropriate bridge between 1900 and 2000- the start of
    two centuries; but also the rollover bug for Y2K, when computers
    weren't able to tell the difference between 2000 and 1900.

    Tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7 are titled with actual Vaudevillian terms:
    An Olio Act is a short break between performers; Lecturing the
    Skull was slang for joking to a "straight man," Painted on the
    Drop refers to a performer who had no lines. Silo Circuits were
    small towns. This bit you're reading now would be referred to as
    "Doing an Eddie Leonard."

    It is my desire that you enjoy tonights performance as much as
    the artist has enjoyed creating these selections for you.