Pacific Greyscale Volume 2

Digital album / PAN 111

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Woodland Park Version 3
  • 2. Trainyards
  • 3. Snapped Up
  • 4. 727 SEQ
  • 5. Autosave Edit
  • 6. Chinatown
  • 7. Crushed Cassette
  • 8. Airspace SEQ
  • 9. Thursday Edit
  • 10. Sunday Edit
  • 11. December Edit
  • 12. Next 95

Tracing an arc of stellar releases across Line, Accidental Meetings, Silent Season, The Jewel Garden, and their own imprint, wzrdryAV lands on Panospria with a follow-up to Pacific Greyscale. Along with comrades in SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, we’ve had our ears tuned to their output for over a decade. The early 2010s saw a period of concentrated studio activity for wzrdryAV, and it was during that time that Pacific Greyscale was being assembled. After a run of cassettes on Digitalis Limited in 2013, the initial version was expanded to include additional bonus material in a subsequent digital release. During the pandemic, the remaining recordings from these sessions were revisited to compile a second volume of material, showcasing the full extent of this project now ten years later. Comprised of spacious atmospherics combined with hypnotic, bass heavy rhythm sections and accented with close attention to sonic textures, it’s yet another moody jaunt with one of the West Coast’s finest aural navigators at the helm.

Produced and mixed by Kelly Claude Nairn
Album art by Kelly Claude Nairn
Mastered by The Stunt Man at Suite Sound Labs

  • Date available: 2023-02-14