20e anniversaire

Digital album / NT 213

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.

Album on cassette / NTCS 213

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Get Binary
  • 2. We Have Arrived
  • 3. King of the Elephants
  • 4. Screw My Samples
  • 5. Pochacco
  • 6. Alright Well Okay
  • 7. Four Channels
  • 8. Taco Fiesta
  • 9. Ruffly
  • 10. Osaka Commtech Nine
  • 11. Byte the Funk
  • 12. Resem One
  • 13. Before Bedtime
  • 14. A Ride in Elephant City
  • 15. Piontris Theme

20-year anniversary reissue of a foundational album of home-tracked leftfield IDM, gloriously remastered by Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz).

A type of music composition software created in 1987 (originally designed for early home computers such as the Amiga or the IBM PC), music trackers were designed to make good-sounding electronic music out of fairly limited hardware, which meant that, all around the world, but predominantly in Europe and North America, an underground scene developed, allowing amateurs to create music solely with their home computer. The music files they created, often called modules or “mods” for short, could be uploaded to BBSes public and private, making tracker music the earliest historical example of a large-scale digital music distribution network.

Oeuf Korreckt’s Frédérick Blouin joined the tracker scene from a relatively lonely vantage point: Québec City wasn’t exactly a hacker hotbed in 1995. This only encouraged him to forsake the genres favored by tracker artists—mostly techno and trance. An avid listener of Aphex Twin, Autechre and Orbital, Blouin quickly managed to translate the sounds of IDM in the austere grid-like interface of the tracker, developing a singularly strong ear for melodic invention. His 1998 Leonard Nimoy EP is one of the earliest digital albums released on No Type and the first under his Oeuf Korreckt moniker (a nonsensical name which loosely translates to “proper egg”), continuing with a steady output on the label over the years.

A 15-track, 78-minute full-length compilation of previously unreleased material, with titles going as far as 1995, Podweek was released in 2002 to the acclaim and puzzlement of critics. It was, indeed, rather anachronistic to release an old-school IDM album at a time. Podweek is a testament to No Type’s artist-first ethos.

Beginning with “Get Binary,” featuring the piercing sounds of raw data files translated into samples, Podweek quickly goes on to survey genres as varied as atmospheric techno (“We Have Arrived”), happy hardcore (“King of the Elephants”), angular IDM (“Screw my Samples”) and then everything in between for a full course of 15 tracks of varying lengths. Podweek plays like a parallel history of electronic music in the 1990s.

This 20-year anniversary reissue of Podweek offers a fresh look at this parallel history, thanks to the mastering talents of Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz, Nonlocal Forecast), who vastly improved the dynamics of the original recordings while building on its primordial rawness. Coming at a time when the classic sounds of IDM are rediscovered and celebrated by a young cohort of producers, Podweek is a reminder that there is still much to explore in this oft-maligned genre.

  • Date available: 2022-11-11


Oeuf Korreckt

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