...Now What?

Digital album / LMNR-013

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Album on compact disc / LMNR-013

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. What Now...?
  • 2. Uncertain
  • 3. Flame
  • 4. Ident
  • 5. Sinking
  • 6. Hustle
  • 7. Dim
  • 8. Trans
  • 9. ...Now What?

accepting and letting go is hard.

when faced with everything that happened in 2020, it’s no wonder i fell into despair. it was too much all at once, and i wasn’t prepared to accept the things that were nearly out of my control, and let go of the thoughts that were holding me back. thankfully, i managed to bring myself out of it with a combination of therapy, multiple changes of scenery, deeper connections with friends, and making this album.

a very good friend of mine brought up how he is involved in making his own music partially as a means to cope with his own mental issues. that ability for music that /you/ make to help get you through difficult circumstances cannot be understated. we both should know.

anyway, that all has brought me to now. june 12th of 2021. three years since i published my first release of music. i see the world as way more screwed up than it was back then, but i see now that the radical change needed to save it, to save us, will likely not get here in time. especially not while politicians, cops, and rich men in suits are calling the shots.

knowing this…

…now what?

where do i really go from here? what do i make of my life?

well, it won’t be me collapsing into depressive nihilism, that’s for sure. my best course of action is probably just to keep living in a way that lifts everyone up. do the best that i can in our crapsack capitalist world not just for myself, but for everyone else. might as well make our inevitable demise just a bit less painful. that also involves keeping up the fights for justice wherever and whenever they pop up. better to stand for something good in our final hours too.

and more specific to me, i’ll keep with making music. composition has revealed itself to be a great coping mechanism over the past three years, whether it’s been with depression, anxiety, or figuring out you’re a trans woman. and to everyone thus far who has examined, shared, and appreciated the by-products....

thank you.


w&p by lempamo
art, design, mastering by lempamo

  • Date available: 2021-06-12


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