New Works

Digital album / PAN 106

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Other Sorrows
  • 2. Unrelatable Worlds
  • 3. Euclidean Suicide Circle
  • 4. Lucifer In The Macros

According to local lore, V.Vecker was studying at the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design back in 2006 when he discovered that the parking garage went two floors underground and had power outlets. Shortly thereafter the space was dubbed The Emergency Room, hosting a series of clandestine concerts that were a breeding ground for musicians in the underground scene to showcase their weirdest projects without restraint. In the years following we’ve become huge fans, closely following his solo, ensemble, and collaborative work. With this offering of recent compositions we’re proud to welcome V.Vecker into the fold, and we hope to introduce his sound to new listeners around the world.

All tracks recorded and mixed between 2019 and 2021 in Vancouver, BC
Tracks 1, 3, and 4 recorded by Bill Batt at Trash Castle
Tracks 1, 3, and 4 mixed by Bill Batt and V.Vecker at Trash Castle
Track 2 recorded and mixed by V.Vecker at Studio Fuddruckers
Photo courtesy of Midden Festival, Bow Edson, Washington State, 2019

  • Date available: 2021-12-03