Pershing Square

re/collection (spring/summer 2021)

Digital album / NT 208

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Pershing Square
  • 2. Garment District
  • 3. Hot Girls and Particle Physics
  • 4. Euphoric
  • 5. ~eubuzz-09
  • 6. Dispell

This follow-up EP from Jeffrey Shell’s solo project Eucci begins with one of his most affecting tracks, the gloriously evocative Pershing Square which gives its name to the EP. This track is a sonic postcard of its real-world namesake, a public park in downtown New York City, not far from Garment District, where one can hear the brimming of human life colliding with the swishing noise of passing cars. All in less than four minutes.

This outstanding track would be worth the admission price alone, but the remainder of the EP is certainly not to be missed. Building on the confidence he found as a solo composer on Couture (released six months earlier), Eucci paints in bolder brush strokes, relies on smart repetitions of gestures in order to create tension.

21 years later, this brand new “re-collection” is a long overdue high-quality 24 bit remaster of this early recording by the artist himself, which makes it sound like the canvas was enlarged, the detail more discernible.

We’re rereleasing it alongside Couture, the debut release by Eucci.

Jeffrey Shell is still making music through his own Rive label.

All music by Jeffrey Shell, except Dispell co-written by Jason Urick. Originally released in December 2000 (NT 037). Remastered by the artist in April 2021.

  • Date available: 2021-06-10



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