re/collection (spring/summer 2021)

Digital album / NT 207

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Chiffon
  • 2. Safetyshoes
  • 3. Dalai
  • 4. Staccato Smile
  • 5. Contemporary
  • 6. Dustbunny

This is the debut album of Jeffrey Shell’s solo project Eucci, but you wouldn’t know it just from listening, as the music of this EP is so singular, & deployed with such regard to sheer style, in the best sense of the word.

Indeed this was not Jeffrey Shell’s first musical effort, as he was previously involved in The Audio ELW, a fantastic noise group also featuring fellow Salt Lake City musicians Cybele Roland & Elwe Sandoval. The Audio ELW self-published a string of classic CDRs such as The Cooler Muse, The Earth Shrunk on Speed & Modern Belongs to Us, all unfortunately out of print.

For his 2000 debut (which also marked his debut appearance on No Type), Shell went deep into software &, counter to the minimalistic trends of the era, created a sound world which has an immediately thrilling narrative quality, but with a grit that is all too absent from the classic electroacoustic music with which it would be convenient to compare it. Couture’s six tracks do not take long before they start skipping & buzzing in unexpected directions. The noise, here, is never an end unto itself.

21 years later, this brand new “re-collection” is a long overdue high-quality 24 bit remaster of this early recording by the artist himself, making this release more accessible, sharpening edges without losing the gritty quality of the original, bringing previously quiet sounds clearly to the fore without needlessly loudening them.

We’re rereleasing it alongside Pershing Square, another crucial early release by Eucci.

Jeffrey Shell is still making music through his own Rive label.

All music by Jeffrey Shell. Originally released in June 2000 (NT 026). Remastered by the artist in April 2021.

  • Date available: 2021-06-10


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