Subcon Sound Museum

Composer’s remaster 2021

Digital album / NT 206

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Octogon [bonus track]
  • 2. Boarding Pass
  • 3. Doc Fuse
  • 4. Masikoro Tune
  • 5. Pulque
  • 6. Drinking a Real Egg

This quirky, classy & wavy rhythmic ambient EP originally came out in 2002, on the heels of Octopus Inc’s first two albums, both released on the Kracfive label (Mere Things & Mindless Creatures & Fluid Freedom — both highly recommended to anyone with a healthy taste for the outer margins of IDM).

It was a blast welcoming Noah Sasso for this one-off project then, & it is just as much of a blast reissuing this fondly remembered EP today in a brand new mastering by the artist… now including a bonus track from the same sessions! Has it really been 19 years? Does it matter?

All music by Noah Sasso, except Masikoro Tune co-written by Masikoro. Originally released in October 2002 (NT 071). Remastered by the artist in March 2021.

  • Date available: 2021-06-10


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