Rock Island

Digital album / NT 212

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. We Need a World Without Boys
  • 2. I Know a Star
  • 3. Be Prepared to Back It Up
  • 4. Do U Feel the Need?
  • 5. Not Replacing You
  • 6. Oh Well
  • 7. Totally Fake!
  • 8. Authors & Actors
  • 9. Tired of Montreal
  • 10. Closed for Winter
  • 11. Plantation Row
  • 12. Slow Explorer
  • 13. Warm in Places
  • 14. Hence the Delay

Produced in 2004 but unreleased until now, Rock Island represented a high point in Camp’s experiments with the crude yet endearing music software called Fruity Loops (now known as FL Studio). It follows on the footsteps of Mean (another “lost” full-length that remained unreleased until 2016) but runs into a direction wholly its own.

Minimalistic in execution yet full of exciting details, these 14 (mostly) short tracks run through styles as varied as digital funk, melodic IDM, beatpunk, abstract ambient & even a bit of schaffel. A relentlessly fun album that wholeheartedly embraces the limitations of the software it was built with, Rock Island makes mince-meat of the arch seriousness that was so prevalent in electronic music in its time. Even its most somber moments have whimsical undertones. Or is it the other way around? Either way, if there was a year to finally release this wild & adventurous record, 2022 is it. Enjoy!

Music & cover art by David Turgeon. Tracks 6, 12 & 14 feature Jordi Rosen on accordion & voice. Mastered in May 2022 by David.

Note: “Rock Island” was the planned title for this album upon its completion in 2004. Since then (in 2018 to be precise), experimental rock group Palm released an excellent album also named “Rock Island”. But what can you do: a title is just a title.;)

  • Date available: 2022-05-06


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