Broken Sound (Extended)

Digital album / PAN 098

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Broken Sound (Extended)

This version of ‘Broken Sound’ mixes the original 8-channel audio tracks into a new arrangement, performed live with vocals and additional sounds from a modular synthesizer. It was recorded in late April 2016 in anticipation of a performance at the opening ceremony of the Industry Brunch event in Detroit that summer.


Live mixing, modular synthesizer, and vocals by Gary James Joynes.

This release is dedicated to Samantha Kern aka Sassmouth, one of the most generous and talented people my art and music travels have ever given me the privilege to meet, and now call a great friend. Thank you Sam for the invitation to Detroit, and for welcoming me into your Chicago (and global) family.

  • Date available: 2016-09-09