It Can Only Be Attributable to Human Error

Digital album / PAN 094

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Death Under Heat
  • 2. How Profound

With this release, Greek artists Savvas Metaxas and Maria Papadomanolaki (aka Dalot) experiment with the thresholds between sets of analog technology and the spaces they can create, disrupt, and deconstruct. Finding inspiration in the common ground between urban landscapes and Arthur C. Clarke’s technologically secluded environments, the two artists offer two pieces of exploratory electronic music about space at its most expansive meaning.

Mastering by Martijn Comes at Immovable Substance
Cover photo by Nikos Kostopoulos

Savvas Metaxas: modular synthesizer
Maria Papadomanolaki: Korg MS­-20 Mini

  • Date available: 2016-01-26


Savvas Metaxas