Pop Metheny

Digital album / PAN 091

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Tell It
  • 2. Your Name Is Chris
  • 3. Face Dance
  • 4. As Falls So Falls

Pop Metheny is a collection of works inspired and informed by the written music of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. It is a playful transcription of ostensibly complicated and harmonically advanced music, rendered simply and with humour, intended to demonstrate the potential for anyone and everyone to involve themselves in creative music making regardless of their level of training or education in the particular complexities of jazz music or otherwise.

Repeat Repeat Offender is a four-piece electronic band based in Ottawa and Gatineau, featuring: Jeff Morton, Nord Lead Keyboard; Diane Bond, Casio Keyboard + FX; Kat Cove, Yamaha Keyboard + FX; J.S. Chevrier, Electronic Drums

  • Date available: 2015-09-24