Morose Beach

Digital album / NT 203

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Disappeared
  • 2. Pylon
  • 3. Glorious
  • 4. Buffer
  • 5. Straight Jacket Blues (aka Tape Recorder Blues)
  • 6. Tornado Flood
  • 7. CDR
  • 8. Motorcrash
  • 9. Slants
  • 10. Sun 660

Produced during the year 2000, Morose Beach is a kind of “follow-up” to Auld Cove (rereleased on No Type earlier this year). This time, it’s a previously unreleased album that was created entirely using Audiomulch software. In this sense, this album also serves as a bridge with Heap, the last recording David Turgeon released under the name Period Three before launching the Camp project. None of this tells us much about the hazy, melancholic (& sometimes a tad noisy) atmosphere found herein.

If these unpublished recordings intrigue you in any way, please know that there are more to come, or so the composer tells us.

  • Date available: 2014-09-08


Period Three

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