Digital album / PAN 076

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Texuus
  • 2. Cnqur
  • 3. Flaaer
  • 4. Tranvel

Phytizing airmodes conce. Phing wils unhammitch. Phraptic duceivel phers. Phickish ard phons.


Audio edited from recordings of live performances in various rooms around the South Coast of BC mostly in 2012, I guess. Made in Plogue Bidule using material generated by Algorithmic Composer’s Toolbox. Mastered by nothing in particular on very tiny speakers.

Phil Thomson: programming, solitude, cheating with poly-somethings, fretting, mulling, tweaking, poking, rêver/réveiller, w{a,o}ndering, note-taking, going for walks and thinking about noisy systems (but mostly just going for walks), tangibles, abandoned manifestos, morselling, mastering/not-mastering, sonal factories, precise clouds, broken robot jazz, systems analysis and disruption, inventing thoroughly useless and unfamiliar things, starting from scratch, suffering through the whole damn thing sometimes, waiting it out, jumbling, skipping/sliding, munging, re-versioning, pointing triumphantly at laptops, staring at knobs and dials, grumpily minimizing interactivity, faking control, laughing at dancing robot speakers, complex repetition, (in)appropriate technology, LCD illumination in several dark rooms, lying in bed, caves (metaphorically speaking), putting it away once in a while.

Cover image is based on an image by Kevin Dooley edited with software by Felix Turner.

  • Date available: 2013-04-20