Western Mourning

Digital album / PAN 071

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Don’t Take Your Gun and Go Into Town
  • 2. Lead a Horse to Drinking
  • 3. Cold as the Clay

A dreamy cowboy and cowgirl soundtrack, with an idiosyncratic live sound and a relentless delay pedal effect countered by an overbearing diatonicism that goes just far enough to push through to an epic 80s movie montage reference. Heartbreaking at times, and playfully silly at others, it is low-fidelity honesty. A white key preference that’s all grit and stubborn prairie intention. Western Mourning is a one-time musical event in its entirety.


Recorded live in Regina, SK, October 2011.

Jeff Morton: casio keyboard; Darcy Jean: guitar, delay pedal.

  • Date available: 2012-09-28


Jeff Morton