Digital album / PAN 069

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. Angry Birds (Intro)
  • 2. Diebold ATM
  • 3. LG Cosmos
  • 4. iPod Touch
  • 5. Bluetooth (Outro)

Touchscreen is an audio exploration of surface acoustic waves that emanate from electronic visual displays. Touchscreen replaces the touch of the human finger on the screen with an ultrasonic sensor. This sensor functions as a conductive input to capture the sonic activity of the various touchscreen devices.

Each track title references the misuse of a specific device or software. A series of GUI experiments were performed on the devices including: text/image messaging, data synchronization, bonus level gameplay, and a cash deposit.

The audio addresses the presence, location, and detection of ultrasonic waves and electro-static fields that pass over touchscreen panels. Touchscreen experiments with the event of touch through a series of freestyle-tapping techniques, gestural signal processing, and distorted cadence structures.


All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Kolar.
Cover illustration by Anthony Bruce Roark.

  • Date available: 2012-09-28

Jeff Kolar