Those Who Know Do Not Speak, Those Who Speak Do Not Know

Digital album / PAN 067

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Piano Red
  • 2. Rainbow Diamond
  • 3. In Memory of the Dead
  • 4. Abraxas
  • 5. Thinking Machine
  • 6. Un soir de neige, op 126
  • 7. A Misty Morning
  • 8. Hymn of the Infinite Child
  • 9. Ancient

Following the highly successful Lostitude and Den Haag, we proudly present the third release from Martijn Comes on Panospria. This album is dedicated to the exploration and gratitude of life and meaning.


All songs composed and programmed by Martijn Comes during 2011 & 2012, except for: Piano Red, composition by N. Chatzopoulou; A Snowy Evening, composition by F. Poulenc

Album artwork by Jack Duckworth:

  • Date available: 2012-06-28


Martijn Comes