Aura and the Dark Fruit

Digital album / PAN 064

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. The Pacific
  • 2. Gondola
  • 3. I Remember
  • 4. Dark Horse
  • 5. 7777777
  • 6. The Gold Fields
  • 7. Here Comes a Big One

Documenting an epiphany, a brutal telling, something larger than fact, a spiritual landscape. All along the shores, like a silent drumbeat in the forest, the underlying spirits breathe. A collection of songs inspired by the mythos of the Pacific Northwest.


Written and recorded by Filip Gorecki between 2008-2012 in Vancouver, Canada. Mixing and Mastering by Longwalkshortdock. Cover art by Alicia Horner. Equipment list: Yamaha V50, Yamaha MDF2, Korg Poly 61, Andromeda A6, Kawai SX-240, T.C Electronic M350, Dynaudio BM5A, VS-2400CD, Ableton Live.

  • Date available: 2012-02-21