Let’s Hear It for the Vague Blur

Digital album / PAN 057

Includes download in MP3 / OGG / FLAC format.
  • 1. What Is Real
  • 2. The Left Hand of Darkness
  • 3. International Micro Flora
  • 4. The Roxie Music
  • 5. Fuck Off iLean
  • 6. Work
  • 7. Veronica Mars Season Two
  • 8. Memories of Flood

A varied selection of science fiction-inspired soundscapes. Sampling everything from classic hip-hop to birdsong to black metal, this is connect_icut at his angriest and most uncompromisingly abstract.

Let’s Hear It for the Vague Blur is the result of two years-worth of hard work that connect_icut stumbled through after completing his last album, They Showed Me the Secret Beaches. The aim was to make darker, more complex material that was made entirely with custom-built software, using no plug-ins, hardware devices or other “short cuts”. After a series of disastrous technical decisions, the project was finally abandoned. The best material from the sessions was salvaged and released as a low-grade download, which did little justice to the quality of the material. Panospria is proud to present this high-quality release of Vague Blur, gloriously remastered by Joshua “Magneticring” Stevenson.

  • Date available: 2011-06-24