Den Haag

Digital album / PAN 051

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Vredespaleis
  • 2. Higher Than the Sun (Eagle Giant Disco)
  • 3. Miraculum Incognito (Ultralight)
  • 4. Ra Was a Butcher (Climbing Cheops Pyramid)
  • 5. Behind the Acoustic Inlay

Dutch composer Martijn Comes returns to Panospria with his reflections on times spent in Den Haag.

Composer Notes

In my work I keep on distilling memories and inspirations of life and mental content. Throughout the years I seize them into music, contemplate, and perfect the mental image which I transfer into sound and harmony, to finally release. To me, the balance between acoustic-electronic and composition-improvisation is a big essence of creative freedom.

Thanks: My beautiful dad who just passed on. My mom. My brother. Ric, Greg, Niels, Nicoleta, Marjon, Ilse, Constantine, Freida, Shane, the Headroom School (you know who you are).


All tracks composed by Martijn Comes in The Hague, NL, 2008-2009. Mastered in 2010.

  • Date available: 2010-11-19


Martijn Comes