Le viandier de Taillevent

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Album on 12” vinyl disc / NT 666

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Cookbook attributed to Guillaume Tirel, dit Taillevent, enfant de cuisine under Jeanne d’Évreux, queux of King Philippe de Valois and of Duke of Normandie, first queux and sergent d’armes of Charles V and premier écuyer de cuisine of King Charles VI.

The Gargantuesque Québec-bred formation Napalm Jazz (A_dontigny, Philémon, and Érick d’Orion) had not produced anything since… 2003! Noisy return with this LP recorded both live (during a 2006 tour in France) and in studio. This album is released right on time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the audacious collective (founded in 1995).

Between their first mp3 album Free transgénique on No Type in 1999 and this Le viandier de Taillevent, limited-edition vinyl album (181 copies), collaboration between Galerie Pache and No Type, the sound of the collective has changed, but the raw energy remains intact.

The two studio pieces were recorded by the original trio (A_dontigny, Philémon, and d’Orion) whereas the three live pieces are creations of the reduced formation (Philémon and d’Orion) with their guests: Arnaud Rivière at Le Havre, eRikm in Marseilles and Érik Minkinnen in Montreuil.

Compound of noise, free jazz and abstract death metal, the improvised music project Napalm Jazz knows no half-measures; expect spontaneous and abundant electric ejaculation, wide and flexible.

The class of a medieval banquet served by fearless and a tad provocating Cook Masters.

  • Date available: 2010-11-19

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