Fucked Up Scenario

Digital album / PAN 050

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. I Take the Last Train Every Night
  • 2. Bag of Drugs
  • 3. Belgravian Blues (Part 1)
  • 4. Binner’s Hands
  • 5. Success
  • 6. Belgravian Blues (Part 2)
  • 7. Belgravian Blues (Part 3)

What are the Belgravian Blues? Knowing that the most punk people alive are probably your grandparents, because they made shit out of nothing during the dirty thirties. Knowing there is a psychic link between all of us (third eye shit). At the very least it is emotional intuition of the kind that will see an audience clap along to the pulsating rhythm of clashing line-hum frequencies while the history of Top 40 bullshit is slaughtered through radio mistunings and the guitarist lays down a style equal parts country and metal. Punk without a fashion sense. Death without romance. A healthy respect for human power, humour and soul.

Aside from a handful of cassettes and CD-Rs, this is the first full length Italian Husbands album to be released to a mass audience. We are one half Gold Rush and one half Holzkopf.

  • Date available: 2010-10-25

Italian Husbands