Credit Card Ache

Digital album / PAN 038

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. All the Rest Is Pleasure
  • 2. Night Clouds the Earth (New Year Dub)
  • 3. Memorabilia
  • 4. OK Times
  • 5. Pissing Next to Me and Preaching

There’s that familiar bar smell and the sound of money trading. The sound inside your head of debt piling up, the worry of having no plan. Best get one more drink, you might not make it out tomorrow, though there is a good chance you will. Standing next to me in this cesspool of a bathroom, doing what we do. Tell me about all of your women and the meaning of life in the 45 seconds it takes us to piss. An awkward pause becomes a joke. There are large fools pounding each other into wet dust again. They can be easily seen from the back of the bar. Last call is in 5 minutes but let’s stay up until noon. The parks are closed, so we are a target… we’ve provided the excuse by enjoying the green space our debt has payed for: on our own time, our own schedule. Let’s collide head on with lu-lu lemons lined up outside of cafes when the new world rises again and we still have 4 hours till a pillow hugs our face.


All music recorded live to mini-disc in one take during the month of January 2009, using a sampler, drum machine, walkman, tapes, reverb, mixing board and vocals. No sequences or edits. Memorabilia was originally written by Soft Cell.

  • Date available: 2009-06-04