Digital album / PAN 031

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Trees and Light
  • 2. Jack Nitzsche
  • 3. The Letting Go
  • 4. LCD Waterfall
  • 5. Rainbow Eater

a dream where rainbows collided
illuminating, ascendant
over the wide open ridges of the city
grit and parks
spacious dark
awakened time-frame
there was nothing in between
but resting on the borderline
of interstellar madness

These pieces were composed in 2006 while traveling throughout Canada, mainly in Montréal and Toronto. They were mainly inspired by life and love, but quite influenced by Aleister Crowley, Spacemen 3, Twine, and Herman Hesse.

Shoutouts and thanks: Catbird -- Nicoleta -- Tony Boggs -- Constantine Katsiris -- Niki Sutherland -- Molly Rose Philips -- Ric Hudgins -- Greg Malcolm -- Erik Mijwaard -- Andreas Lemmens -- Daan v.d. Most -- Daan Determeijer -- Niels Brouwer -- My dear parents, to whom I am forever in debt -- My brother

  • Date available: 2008-10-15

Martijn Comes