Crowdpleaser + Live at Orlando Magic Fest

Digital album / SUBR 001

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Crowdpleaser
  • 2. Dropping Heaven Lifestyle
  • 3. Sunday Revival
  • 4. Postglitch
  • 5. Sadder Song
  • 6. Crowdpleaser (pleasingmyself mix)
  • 7. Dropping Heaven Lifestyle (live)
  • 8. Kangaroo Boxing / Crowdpleaser / Shabbas (live)
  • 9. Unintentionally Sad Sounding Song (live)
  • 10. I Go for the Free Samples (live)

Remember Books on Tape? Of course you do! Remember his once-fledging netlabel Subverseco? I sure hope so! Well, Subverseco had disappeared some time ago (as stuff from the Intertubes is wont to do) & it took a serious salvaging effort to bring them back alive. A little broken though (the artwork mostly) but almost all there!

So, the fearless archivists from No Type Annexe begin this recovery programme with two releases from around June 2001: Crowdpleaser & Live at Orlando Magic Fest, which share some of the same songs in both studio & live settings. But really, the only thing you should know is: vintage Books on Tape! Download now & come back in the next weeks as we unearth more Subverseco treasures.

Tracks 1-6 originally released Crowdpleaser (Subverseco SUB 001).

Tracks 7-10 originally released on Live at Orlando Magic Fest (Subverseco SUB 002).

  • Date available: 2008-06-09

Books on Tape

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