Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo: Études

Digital album / NT 112

Includes download in MP3 / OGG format.
  • 1. Le duel
  • 2. Paysage
  • 3. Tirer partout
  • 4. La marche

The universes of Alexis Bellavance, Nicolas Bernier & Érick d’Orion are all radically different from one another: one exhibits a conceptual slant, the second is prone to work meticulously, & the third is known for his high-energy gestures. What happens when destiny force these three to work together? Maybe what we get is this improvised, unpredictable exchange, which for this reason bears a subtle affinity to that famous Sergio Leone film… We’ll leave it up to you to guess which is the good, the bad & the ugly…

  • Date published: 2008-05-15

Nicolas Bernier

Érick d’Orion

No Type