And the Whiskey-Fueled Sparrow

Digital album / NT 110

Includes download in MP3 / OGG format.
  • 1. I Heard They Mentioned Me at Your Intervention
  • 2. The Whiskey-Fueled Sparrow
  • 3. A Whole Bunch of Pretty Wrapped Around a Question Mark
  • 4. A Song for Drunken Flower Throwing
  • 5. And If Your Legs Should Turn to Glass
  • 6. The Sun Rises on LaGuardia

The first Twombley Spiders album, And The Five Racoon Army, revealed a brighter, more poetic side of Eryk Salvaggio’s increasingly endearing musical endeavours. At any rate, it ended up being a sleeper hit, with 7000 downloads in less than a year. With this follow-up, well, let’s just say there’s everything we like about this project: lush ambiences with a subtle underside of grit, dreamy melodies that veer far away from too-sweet… Run-off-the-mill it clearly is not. But inspired? Hell yes.

  • Date available: 2008-05-01


The Twombley Spiders

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