Room 304

Digital album / NT 107

Includes download in MP3 / OGG format.
  • 1. Ibs-Step
  • 2. Shirpaing
  • 3. O
  • 4. At the Foot of the Lions Head
  • 5. Dirty Floor
  • 6. Spaghetti
  • 7. Micicle
  • 8. Valley Accent
  • 9. Bulele

Here’s the debut album from a Vancouver-based group called Ejaculation Death Rattle (or EDR as they are known to spam filters), made up of three boys and one girl, producing a remarkable strain of improvised ambient noise. EDR champion a resolutely primitivist aesthetic, with their murky drones, old school guitars (& similarly-schooled guitar pedals) & assorted digital debris, all of this without turning into a mere all-out sonic assault (though, well, anyway…) Yet another free-folk band, then? Yeah, except this one is smart, charming & devoid of scruples. What more is there to ask for?

Sean - ominous throbbing, buzzing of wasps, melodious deception, wailing spasms

Shan - screeching tires, low end rumbling, air raid sirens, herald of pestilence

Heather - amplified rust scratching, sawtooth scrapes, cheap and destructible strung plywood, ethereal string manipulation

Ross - the swelling of leeches, CPU shrapnel, microtonal dentist drill, pure waveform alchemy, transcendental pulsation

All tracks –HRSeSh, except o –HRSe and shirpaing – HR.

Recorded between March and August 2007 in Room 304.

  • Date available: 2007-09-08

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