Storm Summer Sunhill

Digital album / NT 105

Includes download in MP3 / OGG format.
  • 1. Cooper Black
  • 2. Surfing Alabama
  • 3. 15th and Halo
  • 4. Seafoam
  • 5. Cooper Blue
  • 6. Summer Stock and Houses
  • 7. Harper’s Ferry
  • 8. John Beaker Sessions
  • 9. Cooper Blonde
  • 10. Kate’s ’57

Eucci has never stopped making music since his beginnings as part of mythical noise ensemble The Audio ELW. This Salt Lake City based composer (real name Jeffrey P Shell) has made two albums for No Type, plus a soundtrack for Sine Fiction, but mostly he produced many other projects in relative obscurity, mostly for his own homegrown label, Rive. So if he comes back today, it’s not because he has an outtake for two to spare. Oh boy no. Storm Summer Sunhill is a highly satisfying 51 minute full-length, perhaps his best album to date, a listening experience that goes from the most intriguing experiments to the most visceral ambiences, not to forget some ingenious borrowings from drum ’n bass or pop music. In a word, Eucci’s newest effort is powerful stuff yet it’s far more refined than you may think…

Written and Recorded Dec 2006 - Jul 2007 by J. Shell for Eucci at Sunhill Studios.

  • Date published: 2007-08-18



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