Digital album / NT 099

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Margenital
  • 2. Carnivore bestiole
  • 3. Grossesse imaginaire
  • 4. Engelure
  • 5. Tout en finesse
  • 6. Rose Barf
  • 7. Suprême de pêche
  • 8. Paladin de mes rêves
  • 9. Braguette française
  • 10. Quand la plage est sale

No Type has always paid a particular attention to the most singular of sound worlds, so it is with great joy that we introduce Mille-Pattes, with an eponymous mini-album of 10 electronic tracks that are at once highly peculiar, quite hilarious, very disturbing and probably undescribable. This is the first No Type release by the young Montréal composer Mathieu Bourret. Fans of normal music need not apply.

  • Date available: 2007-05-18

No Type