Digital album / PAN 023

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Magnifico Attractions
  • 2. Data Transfer Sentimental
  • 3. Statique & Glockenspiel
  • 4. Luminorama
  • 5. Bearded Melodion

A gentle reminder to take some recreation time and pay a visit to the park.

“The year closed with a balanced and relaxing personal favorite in Darcin’s (Nicolas Dion) Parc. Some scratchy textures, minimal instrumentation, combined with hints of melodies and transparent tones worked together to give a highly listenable album.”
Larry Johnson, EARLabs

“Beautiful release! Tim Hecker or Fennesz fans should definitly listen to this one. It’s a shame it’s so short though!
Ideal Standard

  • Date available: 2006-12-14