April Works

Digital album / BRICO 023

Includes download in MP3 / OGG format.
  • 1. Tears at Me
  • 2. Gripping in Me
  • 3. Baiting With Me
  • 4. Searing to Me
  • 5. Draping for Me
  • 6. Quickening, Quickening of Me

i composed you in april but,
i can’t recall -
i just can’t
wait or what?
i held you like a s(i)mile
or a little trick or stone
treating you like april
can’t help but to
do here

i have since edited our
memory recalling on
favours, fivers and
forgetting fingerings.
i can’t recall you so
you can’t wait by
the tone by
the line
® notes.

no, really, i
can’t recall any
thing or your face your
smile, but have we met?
beats me
heats me
up your thi

can’t recall.

tout le monde par Max Haiven
merci a Jon Vaughn and Carrie Gates

-Max Haiven
(April 26, 2006)


all music by max haiven
cover art by max haiven

  • Date available: 2006-08-25