Sine Fiction vol.XV) Out of the Silent Planet

Digital album / SINE 015

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. The Stars, Thick as Daisies on an Uncut Lawn
  • 2. The Hunted Man’s Irrational Instinct
  • 3. Luxury and Squalor
  • 4. The Anti-Climax of Fourteen Compulsory Cold Douches
  • 5. The Love of Knowledge Is a Kind of Madness
  • 6. The Good of Humanity and All That

For the fifteenth volume in the Sine Fiction series, based on CS Lewis’ first installement of his Space Trilogy, we welcome cult filmmaker and motorbike enthousiast Ronnie Cramer. Let these eerie ambiant soundscapes haunt you, as you wander alongside Dr Ransom on the strange planet Malacandra.

  • Date available: 2006-08-12

Sine Fiction