Remember Tomorrow

Digital album / BRICO 018

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. noieznov10
  • 2. t43g
  • 3. morningwood
  • 4. wait4deon
  • 5. fizzlertrackedit
  • 6. 44random theory via moov
  • 7. modemwait
  • 8. 44-moving-drums
  • 9. elekroagain2
  • 10. gramZ
  • 11. wherethefukisid3
  • 12. mkl:*
  • 13. bustedbomultiedit

Freaky IDM, experimental soundscapes, bpitched and glitched up electro, and old school underground Detroit techno combine forces to blow your mind and move your ass with Kero’s Remember Tomorrow. All tracks selected and programmed from Kero’s massive archives by Jon Vaughn for everyone’s listening pleasure. Note the graphics on the cover and expect to see similar designs in motion when you check out Kero live, as he is a much sought-after VJ in the Winsor/Detroit scene who can work whole room at once with his awe-inspiring skills with his simultaneous performances of both live electronic music and edgy graphic projections.


All tracks by Kero AKA Sohail Azad composed & recorded in Windsor, CA& Detroit, USA. 2002. Remember Tomorrow is a custom-designed MP3-LP for the BricoLodge net.label, all tracks selected and programmed by Jon Vaughn.

Cover art by Kero, 2004.

  • Date published: 2005-05-27