Digital album / BRICO 014

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. bktp A
  • 2. bktp B
  • 3. bktp C
  • 4. bktp D

Moving closer to the melodic and rhythmic styling of the duo, utilizing synth and drum sounds to bang out a body-glitching digital fever, bktp is a festival for freakazoidz! This album is the first BricoLodge release by the some of the biggest nerds of conceptual pop, trance and elektroacousticlash, Max Haiven and Jon Vaughn, with an official short and sweet sequel to the their highly experimental CD for No Type Records Front. The material on this album originates from the conceptual remixes of their CD for performance in Montréal at the Rien A Voir festival (Oct. 2003).


jon plays a lot of synth with some percussion but not much

max plays a lot of drums with some samples but not much

dedicated to “Montréal”

official sequal to Front, a No Type CD

2003 (composed independently in different cities without hearing one another & then improvised & mixed live in & for Montréal)

2004 (final mix)

Visual (Cover) art by Jon Vaughn & Max Haiven

  • Date available: 2005-05-27

Max Haiven

Jon Vaughn