Digital album / BRICO 013

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Crying Through a Metaphor
  • 2. He Fell to Pieces
  • 3. My Tongue
  • 4. Sound Washing
  • 5. Tare
  • 6. Through All My Limbs
  • 7. Crying Through a Metaphor (Nuthre & Vaughn Remix)
    Meek (Remix: Nuthre / Jon Vaughn)
  • 8. Voice34

Meek presents Tare; a eurphoric gurgling, crackling, blopping, popping, bubbling mutation of microhouse and 4 on on the floor idm! Also featuring a remix from the reliable hit-team of Nuthre & Vaughn, who convince Meek’s house to swing, shuffle, rock & rewind! This is the debut full-length online album by Meek (aka Mike Baugh) who currently resides in Montréal, QC amongst his friends the Anti-Capitalist Ass-Pirates! Meek is their teknoid hero who does the job of pumping out the heartbeat of his most illest queer tribe vibe.


All tracks by Meek from 2003-2004. All tracks mastered by Jon Vaughn in 2004.

Thanks to Travis “Panty-Pincher” Bourque for vocal samples, moohk for words, and assorted ass-pirates from Montréal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Special thanks to Marco “h2o” Pascolini, Jon Vaughn & Carrie Gates.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.

  • Date available: 2005-05-27