Digital album / BRICO 009

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Bribe
  • 2. Hoax
  • 3. Your Voice
  • 4. Hardly (distorted version)
  • 5. Your Voice Version
  • 6. Bribe Version
  • 7. Reflower

Camp’s grooves are broken but insistant. Camp’s bleeps and beats are so odd and unusual, yet they result in a gut-renching emotional triumph! This is the minimalist glitchy passion of Camp, founded very deep in community, friends and love, sampling two of his long-distance friends in Your Voice, which is possibly the one of Camp’s sexiest moments. Camp makes great experimental and minimal technoid computer songs, great for avant-garde clubs and late night cuddle parties!


All tracks recorded and composed by Camp, aka David Turgeon using a Computer in Montréal, Quebec, 2002.

Visual (Cover) Art by Max Haiven.

  • Date available: 2005-05-27