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Beware, electronic music fundamentalists: morceaux_de_machines are back! Yeppers, like that, with no warning… And they are quite ready to spoil your party. Hey, what did you expect? That they would leave you alone with your tranquil ventilator music and your little cuddly rhythms of sorry regularity? That your music would cease asking you questions, that it would finally stay quiet? What a bore!

An advice to those who don’t subscribe to any musical chapel, to those for whom music is not a method of mass endoctrination, to those whose blood rate increases with pleasure when sonic tension rises, to those who take comfort in the noise of free machines, you have every reason to be happy! And for a fact…

As with every self-respecting improviser does, Érick d’Orion and A_dontigny do not only play on their own: sometimes, they invite colleagues on stage. This is partly the result of these impromptu meetings which will be heard on this new CD with four collaborations featuring well known (and well loved) noisicians: Martin Tétreault, Otomo Yoshihide and Diane Labrosse.

The five other pieces featured are monuments of bruitism which bring to mind a word from Vanier (here translated freely): “We will accept culture the day a work of art will make us come.” Well, that’s it, we’ve said it. This is going to scare the masses away; what can we do about it?

But what is an “estrapade”, you ask? The question should be: do you really want to know? Well, if you insist: it’s a French word for a rather cruel form of torture used in medieval times. As far as we know, the music of morceaux_de_machines is not, however, used as an instrument of torture but who knows… If No Type ever receives a royalty check from the US Army, we’ll know why.

  • Date published: 2004-11-20


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