Victory Building

Digital album / PAN 006

Includes download in MP3 format.
  • 1. Through
  • 2. Textview
  • 3. Murmur
  • 4. Winter
  • 5. Volute

A collection of experimental pieces by Scant Intone, recorded during his stay at the Victory Building in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Constantine Katsiris aka Scant Intone’s music is very specific in its highly austere yet sophisticated appearance. The Canadian musician’s quest to find out more and more soul and life from the limited borders of a rusty and iron loaded universe deserves attention to be paid off. Katsiris’ purposes to change the pace within the textural and rhythmic area are clearly discernible – one can hear iterative pulsating cycles coming from nothing and finishing off into nothing. Indeed, at times the artist sends off sounds and signals which almost cannot be heard and then they will crank up slowly in sounds and intensity. You can hear watery droning, crackling microsounds, and intensified electric current. The listener would think is it either a medium of reality or the abstract kind of music? Or mixed sort of stuff?
Borealiscape, Recent Music Heroes

  • Date available: 2004-08-16


Scant Intone